This is a very handy feature that enables you to restrict who can login to the Plesk panel as an admin.

When using this feature there are 2 main sections the way that you want to restrict acess and the list of IP’s/ Networks you want to allow/block

Allowed, excluding the networks in the list.

This will basically allow anyone to login as an admin where their IP is not listed, personally I would not advised using this metod.

Denied from the networks that are not listed.

Everybody is blocked except for where the IP listed.

With this all said and done this provides a great way of restricting access but if like me you find that you are now restriced (my IP changed) then you can still gain access by updating the database with your new IP, once you have done that you can then clean up the entries in the restrictions list.

Login via SSH /RDP and enter the plesk database (plesk db)

to view the current rules run

select * from cp_access;

| id | type  | netaddr                              | netmask         |
|  1 | deny  |                        | |
|  2 | deny  | 2a00:1bob:c024:2:3gc5:29e8:6r94:q131 | 128             |

This will list the current rules where you can then see the entry for your old IP you can update it or just add a new record, for simplicity I will show how to add a new record with your new IP.


INSERT INTO cp_access (type,netaddr,netmask) value ('deny','','');


INSERT INTO cp_access (type,netaddr,netmask) value ('deny','2a00:1bob:c024:2:3gc5:29e8:6r94:q13d','128');

after you have added in the new entry try logging into your Plesk panel.

You should now be able to login and clean up the list of IP’s

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