To Install MegaRAID Storage Manager you will need to download the software from the Broadcom site (it has had many names in the past lsi/avago....)

Before starting make sure your sytem is upto date install all updates as required

apt update && apt upgrade

You will need to install the alien package to convert the rpm's to .deb's that come in the download for the software

sudo apt install alien

Download the MegaRAID Storage Manager (link is for 9440-8i):

Extract the downloaded package

sudo tar -xzvf

Convert the packages to .deb

sudo alien --scripts *.rpm

Install lib-utils2_xxxxxxx and megaraid-xxxxxxxx

sudo dpkg -i lib-utils2_1.00-9_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i megaraid-storage-manager_16.11.00-4_all.deb

Start the MSM service

sudo systemctl start vivaldiframeworkd.service

Make the service run at startup

sudo systemctl enable vivaldiframeworkd.service 

If you have a GUI on your Linux box you can run the GUI tool

cd "/usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager"
sudo ./

If you just want to use the CLI then you can use the cli manager in /usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager/StorCLI/storcli64 for example

/usr/local/MegaRAID\ Storage\ Manager/StorCLI/storcli64 /c0 show all

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